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IndyGti's United Grey

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You guys all know what the UG looks like so Ill only post one exterior photo, but I wanted to show off my big intake ;D

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What CAI's (Cold Air Intakes) unfortunately do is they can breathe in moisture. And what the dealer guy meant is that your engine will Hydrolock. Now don't ask me what that does exactly but I just know your engine is screwed when that happens. Just don't fly through huge puddles and you should be fine though.

Maybe a more experienced, qualified person would like to elaborate?
DrJones said:
Liquids don't compress like gasses can. So if there's liquid in a cylinder, when the piston goes up, it will stop when it hits the liquid. If you're lucky, all you'll do is break a rod. But expect crank, piston, and head damage as well.
Thanks ;D.

I too now have your knowledge and know whats up with CAIs now.

I don't know if I wanna go CAI.. I live in a region called Manoa. Hawaiian for Heavenly Mist *cough-heavyrain-cough*
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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