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I have decided...REVO

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I havent done it yet but planning to do it this weekend.

Please let me know if I made the wrong choice.

I would go with GIAC but the dealer(Autoscope?) is all the way in dallas and they are only open on weekdays. I work 9-5 and cant get out any earlier.

Istooks motorsport is right here in fort worth and they are willing to take me in on Saturday.

If autoscope is willing to work on my car Saturday I may just go with GIAC.
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My opinion.. (Dont mean to step on anyones toes)

I am running Revo and I have a few friends running APR and GIAC that wish they would have gone Revo. I hit 218whp with stage 1 with the timing set to 0. I have since advance my timing 7 degrees and put approx 7k miles on the ride to bring it to a total of just over 13k now with no motor issues.

The MKV runs extremely hot with Revo. To give you an example you can run your car once with Revo and be heat sinked for the rest of the night. I highly suggest to invest in a form of cooling your vehicle. (FMIC, Water/Methanol injection)
GTfly said:
my motor NEVER heats up and i live in Florida hah. GIAC 8)
I live in Miami, Fl which is probably some what very similar in weather to wherever you live in Fl and to be honest with you no matter what program you are running the FSI motor heats up even on the stock ecu program. Revo may run hotter than the other programs on the market but thats why they put out bigger numbers than the competition. I lost a lot of respect for APR when my buddy spent 1600 on exhaust and software from APR for a whopping 215whp. GIAC has been around for a long time but to be very honest I personally dont feel they put their best efforts into VW.
GTfly said:
my temperature guage never goes higher then half way up no matter how hard i drive the car. i live about 40 minutes (15minute GTI time) away from Miami.
Your engine temp may be fine but it is your intake air temp that is higher when you run the car hard. The only way to know what your IAT is by having a gauge mounted to read that info or get it with the VAGCOM.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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