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I have about 3 weeks to decide on a color!

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Heres the problem I love the GTI Fahrenheit, the limited edition one, but i love the rims that come with the regular GTI at your local VW dealer.

Some of my friends told me the orange is a little feminine and that i should buy the red

i dont really want grey or black because i want my gti to stand out

the only reason im reconsidering the orange is because of the rims, and maybe i can buy the GTI Fahrenheit and then change the rims because the Fahrenheit comes fully loaded for 28k and if i get the regular GTI fully loaded i think it goes up to 30k


thanks. =] vdubs rock~~
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Just checked the VW site to confirm this.... it has the same power as everyone elses, it ONLY comes with DSG, thats a good thing, and the rims are sick as well, i like them more then the hufs, PLEAASSSSEEEE post pics when you get it, its gonna look badass
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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