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I have about 3 weeks to decide on a color!

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Heres the problem I love the GTI Fahrenheit, the limited edition one, but i love the rims that come with the regular GTI at your local VW dealer.

Some of my friends told me the orange is a little feminine and that i should buy the red

i dont really want grey or black because i want my gti to stand out

the only reason im reconsidering the orange is because of the rims, and maybe i can buy the GTI Fahrenheit and then change the rims because the Fahrenheit comes fully loaded for 28k and if i get the regular GTI fully loaded i think it goes up to 30k


thanks. =] vdubs rock~~
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I had to vote for UG... I've had mine for about 4 months now and LOVE it. It's a really cool, monochromatic look with the grey interior and the grey on the inside of the Huff wheels.

The red is nice looking, but unless you keep it inside and constantly waxed, IME red cars seem to oxidize over time and turn kinda hazy.

The orange is a little to loud for my taste... I like to be more incognito... not to mention that I would think it would severly hurt re-sale value... not too many people are willing to buy an orange car.
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