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I broke my fast! :(

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Ok so im in the military and on many holiday weekends we get 4 days off. I went home over the 4 day weekend (to florida im stationed in AZ). Had a blast.. got 3rd degree sun burns, the usual. While i was gone for 4 days i let my class mate (really responsible guy) borrow my fast to go to el paso for the weekend. Well yesterday was the trip home and it started out lovely when i missed my first plane. So i thought, no big deal i will still be back in time (we have to be in formation on the last day by 1800.) Its about an hour and fifteen from the airport to the base. I get to texas and there is severe weather deals which cause the planes to be delayed as much as 45 mins. this was not good for me. This now woul make me and like 4 others late if my friend who borrowed my fast came to pick me up when the plane lands. So rather then everyone be late he dropped the car off and talked to the DS on duty and got cleared to come get me. He finally gets there about 1845 and im all antsy to get back in my fast and have some fun on the way home (now at 1486 mi) i can beat it up a little to see how it really runs. I get on this on ramp to get on I-10 and the turn is rated at 40 and im only doing 55. I feel the back end give a little and then hug back up and as i accelerate up to 70 or so the car starts to vibrate really bad. Lovely enough following all the other stuff that happened to me that day we get out to see 2 rather large bubbles in the driver side rear tire. So its going back to the dealer. And im gonna complain until it gets fixed. We put the 80km/h (50mph) full spare on and i figured ehh... 80km/h 80mph... they are like the same :) so i did 80 all the way home no more probs but now i got this ugly spare on my tire.

(I added a picture of the tire. not great quality, its from a cell phone.)
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Yeah dude, the people that sold your car to you ripped off your Continentals and put on a set of cheap Blowoutstones.
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