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How to reset the "Service Now" indicator.

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Is there any way other than going to the dealer to have the service reminder re set.? I had the first olilchange done at the dealer and was ripped for 100 Can. I saw they attached the hand held unit to reset the reminder. Any other was to reset the Nag ??

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just my 2 cents,. i had back surgery and the car sat in the garage for 4 months. b4 surg i had the oil changed ( not dealer ) . just went to start it and the service now ! light came on. Thanks to all with ur help. that lil button trick worked great. 2 more weeks and i get to start drivn my 2007 GTI with 1600 miles on her. As stated above, section 3.1 page 12 in the GTI bible. Thanks to ALL
Look up the forum on VagCom. It is a handheld diagnostic tool you can buy yourself for between $350 and $600. It will let you reset your alarms and warning, increase rev limits etc.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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