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How to reset the "Service Now" indicator.

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Is there any way other than going to the dealer to have the service reminder re set.? I had the first olilchange done at the dealer and was ripped for 100 Can. I saw they attached the hand held unit to reset the reminder. Any other was to reset the Nag ??

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Re: Any way to reset the nag service reminder

Yes, this is correct. My dealer never resets mine so I've done it twice myself using this method. It is listed in your manual.
dawar said:
I tried the tip and it worked. Thanks a lot

Is there a manual or website that has all these buttom combinations, cuz it seems like the car has a lot of settings that can be changed using the dash buttons.
The owners manual tells you how to reset the service indicator. ;) step by step even .
dawar said:
Sadly i got my car in a rush with very few left, so i didnt get the manual yet, working on it. But i would asume that the manual wouldnt have all of these little secret button combinations. It would be a good thing to have.
did you check on line for the manual? Some of those little button combos are in the manual.
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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