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So it was brought up in the thread: What to do if You are Pulled Over...

Once again: I'll preface this with *this not legal advice*- it's free advice and you get what you pay for. Traffic laws vary from state to state- if you need legal advice-consult an attorney who specializes in traffic matters in your locale.

My experience is with California law.

Second: This is not a HEY LETZ BASH the copz thread. So no swine comments, donut jokes or referring to the man as fuzz O0.

Cops are people too, a few of them may even drive GTI's I'd think. Once in a while people make mistakes and no one is perfect.

The most important thing is: If you can't do the time- don't do the crime. man up and take responsibility for your own action.

Step one: is a great place to start.

One of their recommendations is to do a trial by written declaration. This is especially convenient if you are cited far away from home. You still have the right if you loose in the dec to appear before the judge.

"Ohhhhh- the cops not gonna show up" wish is BS. The cop gets overtime to show up in court. However- the cop does not get paid extra to write a written rebuttal to a trail by declaration.

So any questions? If you have a question regarding a ticket in California state the CVC section you were cited for and I'll see how I can help ;D

Don't wanna ticket? Slow down and buy a Prius.

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ok what do you think i should do guys?

fight the 65 in a 40 by radar and the 40 in a 25 paced

or just fight the 40 in a 25 paced

my only chance of winning the 65 in a 40 is if the cop doesnt show up, but i think i might win the paced one

any suggestions on what to say?
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