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how much boost?

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how much psi is running on stock turbo
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just got a New South Performance boost guage today and i peaked at 19PSI!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: at full throttle it averages 14-15PSI. ;D
mine actually hit 20 earlier today. ill post a pic later (tomorrow) of it at 19PSI. all i have is CAI from Neuspeed, EuroJet EA pipe, and the GIAC chip.
i was hitting 19's before i had my AWE downpipe installed (cat cut off) and now with it i hit 21 PSI! that was my first and only high boost attempt so far. hopefully tomorrow ill test it out a bit more :)
whats everyones highest PSI? i had the needle bouncing on my boost guage today topping it out haha.
manricky said:
GTfly said:
how did you do 25!!! omg what gear 6th? at 50 mph?i wanna try the same speed and gear to see what i get.
manricky... still think that FMIC is helping you out? haha.
i also can hit 25PSI in other gears. i can hit 23-24 in any gear... well maybe not first but all the others.i wonder how long my turbo is going to last :-\
do they even sell APR at wolfcars? i thought they were revo only...? i go to autodreams to get all my work done.
by the way there is a meet at wolfcars on friday... just to let you guys know incause you are not part of the club.
manricky said:
GTfly said:
by the way there is a meet at wolfcars on friday... just to let you guys know incause you are not part of the club.
friday at what time at wolfcars?what gear and what speed do you usually get that much boost????once you run over 23 i would say it completely not to safe and longlasting, i quite dont understand how you boost so much.....tomorrow i will smoke you. because i will be tuned right and not on stage 1 with the cel and computer going crazy on me....while im walking you and saying good bye u will be like dam he is my hero and i want a fmic and after each run i will pull more and more and more away from you... >:D :D ;D :eek: ::) buhahhaaaaa
if you say so buddy. do you even have DSG?
so lemme get this straight... yer gonna kill me with APR stage 2 (intake, full TBE) and a FMIC only? and 6 speed manual?
i PMed you my cell number. call me tomorrow and we will see if we can arrange something
manricky said:
we will arrange something it's going to be amazing!(NO ****)lol... and we will film it with fog buhhahahaha
alright... im just questioning what else you are running or if yer FMIC boosted yer ego up more then it did yer turbo.
watch him come out with racing gas hah. i dont even have money to fill up my gas tank. my dad is being kind enough to give me 20 bucks worth of gas so i can try to find a new job today. hopefully i will get around to meeting manricky later on in the day. or whenever he wanted to meet up.
we couldnt do it today. there was a misunderstanding because i cant drive at night and he was expecting me to go all the way to miami tonight.
i have RP (something with my retina) and at night it doesnt bring a lot of light into my eyes so i cant see as well as i should so i cant go out at night.
manricky come down here on the weekend or something with yer buddies.
1 - 20 of 73 Posts
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