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how much boost?

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how much psi is running on stock turbo
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blackonblackdub said:
how much psi is running on stock turbo
Hey blackonblackdub, they are many factors which determin the amount of boost you are running on the stock turbo. Factors range from air temperature, humidity, and even ecu programing. The best way to see what your particular car is boosting is to mock up a boost gauge and see it for your self.

I have heard stock GTI MKV boosting from 8lbs upto 13lbs, the only difference is where they live. Elevation of your city can also cause fluctuation in the amount of boost you are getting.
21-22 when car is cool.. usually hold 20 psi till about 5700rpm.
GTfly said:
hah... no emissions test in florida >:D
What part of Florida you from?? I am from Miami.
1HOTGTI said:
Don't know yet. I have not yet purchased a boost guage. Can't decide on where I want to put it. I kinda like the a/c vent kit. Any opinions? (on kit and guage brands)
Watch the video in my sig to see the awe ac vent gauge
GTfly said:
manricky said:
GTfly said:
how did you do 25!!! omg what gear 6th? at 50 mph?i wanna try the same speed and gear to see what i get.
manricky... still think that FMIC is helping you out? haha.
Logs show his IAT is staying nice and cool.. if he gets his APR working right I am pretty sure he will be running nice. Maybe not beating GT`s but definitely running nice..
GTfly said:
do they even sell APR at wolfcars? i thought they were revo only...? i go to autodreams to get all my work done.
You are right but he wanted APR and went else where for it.
manricky said: today the meet was fun.... mog3618 and I had some fun i took him by about 1 car. scroll down you will see a video of his set up which is revo 2 atp downpipe to dump and neuspeed....GTFLY I SHALL find you one day buhhahaaa j/k anyone else down to ride in Miami just let me know
I got to say that it was honestly a good run but the post is missing a couple details..

I don't think Ricky mentioned his advantages over me.

ABD FMIC to my stock FMIC
Riding solo to my 1 passenger
23psi to my steady 20psi

Of course, I cant find a post of our first runs when he was APR stg2, stock fmic, atp dp to my REVO stg2, stock fmic, atp dp... oh thats cause I don't bother posting information on forums that may incriminate me or my friends!!

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