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How fast can a GTI reach to 60 Mp/h (100 Km/h) WATCH THIS!

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As fas as I know and searhing exprience a MKV GTI's 0-60 Mp/h (0-100 Km/H) time is

Manual Trans: 7.2 sec
DSG: 6.8 sec
DSG with 18 inch whells : 6.7 sec

Watch this it reached to 60 Mp/h (100 KM/h) in 6 secondsss!!!! Awesome!!!
Is this GTI modified? Which modifications did they do? Engine to 250 HP ???
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10bv01 said:
thats a european model and perhaps the euro model is slightly quicker than what we have here in america, not really sure if there is a difference though...
probly no difference, but the quality of fuel on the other side of the atlantic is known to be better, therefore producing more power.
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