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How fast can a GTI reach to 60 Mp/h (100 Km/h) WATCH THIS!

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As fas as I know and searhing exprience a MKV GTI's 0-60 Mp/h (0-100 Km/H) time is

Manual Trans: 7.2 sec
DSG: 6.8 sec
DSG with 18 inch whells : 6.7 sec

Watch this it reached to 60 Mp/h (100 KM/h) in 6 secondsss!!!! Awesome!!!
Is this GTI modified? Which modifications did they do? Engine to 250 HP ???
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thats a european model and perhaps the euro model is slightly quicker than what we have here in america, not really sure if there is a difference though...
you've got to keep in mind that car and driver is using some of the worlds best drivers to test their cars, most of the numbers you see are unrealistic under normal circumstances for normal drivers.


And i think that car and driver used the pre-production model which included launch control.
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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