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how do i get my fast?

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im not too sure but am i supposed to get my fast from the dealership in person? or do they mail it to you
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Kiss My Fast said:
So can someone confirm, are they mailing fasts out for 2007 GTI's or was it just the 2006. Because I have a 07 and I have the Fast Jr. and to be honest my fast gets kind of crazy with out parental supervision.... >:D
Haha, I don't think my parents have any idea what my car is capable of. They were only worried about the room I have in the front. I'm a big guy (6'3") I was so cramped in my previous car... but I LOVE small cars, so I needed the GTI, small car with a LOT of leg room. I can't think of any cars that are small and have the room this one has. Sat in the EVO, STi, Scion TC and Eclipse GT... no comparison. But anyway, when I have to drive my parents somewhere I hate it. I have to restrain myself so much.

I want my fast... will they just send it or do I have to call a number?(I have a 2007) I want a Drive Magazine too... how do i get that?
Hey guys. I just thought I'd let you know that I got my fast figurine in the mail today. I was so excited. So, I got my GTI in February of 2007. All those wondering whether or not you're going to get it, i did the same. I almost bought the fast from Driver Gear. I just accepted that I wasn't going to get one, so it caught me by surprise. If what I just said doesn't make sense, it's because I'm about to leave to watch spiderman! later days.
I couldn't figure out where to put him. Armrest...kept falling off. Shotgun... friends wanted to sit there. Backseat...kept falling down. So I put him in the dash. Wedged right in the corner of the windshield.

not the best pic... but here it is:

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I only slightly thought of the possibility of my fast melting. I guess I'll take him out unless I'm driving. When I'm not he's sitting in the back armrest. >:D
My fast smells bad... It's a strong plastic smell for the first week. Then it doesn't smell so bad.
How much for the guitar? I don't play much, but I'd think that's a sweet VW enthusiast collector's item.
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