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how do i get my fast?

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im not too sure but am i supposed to get my fast from the dealership in person? or do they mail it to you
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Got my '07 on 12/2/06. Last week (I think; it's been a long month) I came home to find my guitar waiting for me, and my Fast arrived a couple of days later (slight scratch on the front of him, but four tails included). I was surprised that both were sent with no uh. . ."prompting" from me.
jgo said:
Do you think the orange ones will smell any better?
Two questions: 1) Your Fast smells bad? 2) Why are you smelling your Fast?!
GTI guy said:
xxxfast said:
my fast showed up today and i bought my car in mid march..........i didnt call vwoa
I wonder if they send a fast to ppl leasing the GTI any one got a fast that is leasing?
Maybe you can lease one! Seriously, I'll sell you mine (also the guitar, the t-shirt, etc.). The car stays with me, though.
kryptonkid07 said:
How much for the guitar? I don't play much, but I'd think that's a sweet VW enthusiast collector's item.
Don't know; what are they going for these days? Yeah, I could check, but you may already know.
Dragon said:
gtigolfer said:
Dragon said:
gtigolfer said:
Are they still giving out a guitar for GTI purchases? I think thats awesome. What kind of guitar is it?
ok Dragon is that like a Fender or... what if youre not sure thats ok too.
The parts department at one of the local dealerships had one for sale in their display case... I'm not sure what brand it was, but I think it was a First Act, not a Fender.
It's First Act. Check out the links below:'s-rock-with-first-act-guitars
1 - 5 of 116 Posts
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