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How about your fast's keeper?

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What are your guys beverages of choice if you're out on the town? You have any great coctail recipes?

I love whiskey neat, but I'll go for a good martini now and then too. And Guiness is the greatest beer ever concieved...

I dare you to argue
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Gimme a good G&T (that's gin and tonic for the questioners), or just about any good microbrew. We get spoiled our here in the pacific NW.
I forgot to mention my own favorite creation. It's called a "screw malaria," a vodka, OJ, with a bit of tonic to tone down the sweet. Sounds strange, but give it a stab. >:D
PMAZ said:
GTfly said:
bacardi 151 is all i need
How many MPG's do you get with that in your GTI? Cause I know you're not drinking it straight!
Nice! Good thought. Who's going to volunteer for that test? Bacardi 151 vs. 92 octane. Which one has better performance? 10 applauds for the first test... :D
Mastercard had a contest for those commecials at some point, That should've been a submission.

Wahington Apples ... 7 dollars
Wahington Apples ... 7 dollars
Wahington Apples ... 7 dollars

Waking up in the wrong bed with your wallet empty? Price penniless.

Because sometimes you like to drink so much you don't remember anything, Mastercard has a 24 hour fraud department. Report your card stolen, and we'll get you back on your feet in no time.
1 - 4 of 54 Posts
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