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Hi guys my name is Jennifer. I live on the pacific coast, I finally got the car I’ve had my eyes on since my college days.
I will admit this, I currently am not familiar with anything under my hood. I have a white silver 2020 autobahn DSG. I got this car in January, and knowing how the weather really can deteriorate the paint of cars quickly I thought I would have a PPF put on it.
Unfortunately there are not very many options in my area and I had to travel 3 hours, to the place I had my windows tinted, clear bra ( on front number and hood , doors And partial roof) then was talked into a ceramic coating on top of the entire car.
Let me tell you guys, this is my bee baby I will spend 4 hours on detailing her only to have it be rained on the next day. Lol
Anyway I wanted to protect the paint of the car from rock chips and bird poop, and of course other accidents like door jams and scratches that happen.
I am new to the car game scene. As prior to this I was driving an 2004 Honda hybrid, which was a used for the excellent gas saving. I was in college and just need a reliable vehicle.
My concern is this, I took my car to VersionEx in Eugene, OR. I choose them because my dealer recommended them, and now I feel like a sucker! They had my car for a full week, (tinted windows, PPF on front and on doors and roof. Ceramic coating ). They knew I was coming 3 hours away to them and I figured that’s why I had to leave it for a week so that they had time to cure the ceramic coating. Nay nay! So check this out I have the app on my phone that tells me when the doors is unlocked and all that stuff. I noticed that the next day my doors were opening and closing and my hood was up, and I figured great they’re working on it. As the days passed I noticed that my hood kinda stayed lit red which meant it was open. Okay ....
so Monday morning I call to see if and when would be a good time to pick it up, here is when they tell me that they’re finishing up with the ceramic coating. But it would be ready to pick up at the end of the day. When I heard them say they’re were just now finishing the ceramic coating. I cringed! I read up on what ceramic coatings are and how they work and I was very very nervous when he said that the ceramic coating would be cured by the afternoon. Let me fill you in, it has rained all day for the 2 days prior and rain was definitely in the forecast that night. Again knowing that water should not touch your car for at least 12 - 24 hours after having a ceramic coating. I then asked him if the rain would ruin the integrity of the ceramic coating, and he said “No , we use IR lighting to help seal the coating, and that is like 1000x faster drying”. I’m not an idiot, but at the same time I figured they are the professionals not me. I even offered to leave it another day and he said it wasn’t necessary.
At this point I have so many negative things running through my head. And I can’t help it. So I get on line and try to learn more about this ceramic coating and have things ready to ask so I can clear out the negativity in my head. Plus I want to make sure it got done correctly. When im forking out 3,550, I expect to have the service done correctly. I don’t just have this kinda money to dish out, I have been saving and this is a big deal to me. So I get there, and the car is in heated shop and they seem to be finishing it off. I ask the guy working on my car if the ceramic coating was done today and he said yes. Then he gets called out by the guy I have been talking to who said that most of the car was already done and just the roof had to be finished that day. I kinda forgot how angry I was because my car looked so nice and shiny. I totally felt I had over reacted before, at that moment . I pay and say thank you I asked again about the rain and how to take care of it. They say it will be fine if rain gets on it, so as long as I don’t use a towel to dry it or rub it in any kind of way. They pulled it out, the guy working on it took some pictures of it, and pretty much that was it. Well as soon as I got in the car , something just didn’t feel right right away. I told myself it was then tint that made the car different, and tried to get out of my head. The whole 3 hours home I just dont feel like the car is driving the same. Well it rained all the way home and by the time I got home the car had so much dirt on it I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. It was 11:30 pm. So I got some water and just poured it on the dirt spots so that they would not cure on the coating. Next day about noon I go out and see the massive water spots on the entire rear. Im seriously in tears. And I go around to inspect it now that it’s out of the bright lights, and notice the clear bra isn’t set straight it is already peeling up in a spot and there is bubbles in I in a spot. I’m freaking out!
BTW - This place is a full body shop, which I was unaware of when I originally set it up. I thought they specialized in this. Anyway I can’t help but feel like they might have taken done something to it. Before taking it in it had 920 miles . It’s very new, honestly when you put your foot on the gas I mean I got to 60mph in 6 sec or less. Right now there is a lag then I hit the gas. What is that all about? Is there anyway to find out if they did anything besides what they were paid to do? Could this just be me? I am trying to find an official service manual but not coming up with anything? I need some guidance in the right direction.
I don’t even know how to really go about the situation?
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