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So i have a question.
So I'm a new first time vw owner of a stock 2006 vw golf gti engine awp1.8t 1.8l. Has about 18000 miles on her and my timing belt tensioner broke the other day so out of commission.
So my buddy i are going to have to disassemble just about everything on the passenger side and drop the engine and take a look at all the cams and and see what all got fucked up. Also will be get the downpipe/exhaust needs completely done too...but first getting her running again is my main priority!
Was planning on just giving her a upgrade while I'm in there. Like Looking get light weight pulls and water pump....ex.
So question is what timing belt and tensioner upgrade kit would be best?
Would like some recommendations thanks definitely appreciated.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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