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Hey, to start with I have a used stock MKV Gti '08 for around 5.5 years now.
Months ago I changed both headlight bulbs- the D2S HID's.
Instead of taking the bumper off, I just decided to reach in from the engine bay and replace it with the help of a mirror, flashlight, and two other pairs of hands.
I had a lot of trouble getting the igniter back into place with the passenger side light, but eventually it felt wedges tight enough for work, and I left it.
Fast forward a couple months- my headlights are acting weird. Flickering. Finally, my passenger side light goes out. There's a weird smell when I open the hood, and a noticeable buzzing sound. I pulled it apart, and noticed there's a part of the igniter that's fried.

I order a new igniter from an eBay seller; take the grill, bumper and both headlights out- and now I can't get the headlight back together. The driver side clicks right into place, no hassle, no resistance. So I just took both apart and swapped the igniter that was giving me trouble from the passenger side to the driver side... The passenger side clicks right in, no problem, and I'm stuck with the same problem now on the other light.

When I take everything apart, the ring and igniter fit together easily and without trouble. Take them apart and go piece by piece...The bulb fits in place fine, the ring clicks into place fine, then getting the igniter just doesn't happen.
I'm lining everything up exactly as I should, and it's giving me so much trouble- hardly turning at all. I don't want to force it for fear or snapping/damaging something.
I am so afraid to mess this up and cost myself another 230$ repair.
At every step I've watched a bunch of youtube videos... What am I doing wrong?!?!?!
Please please please help. Thank you!!
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