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I put all three links cause did not know which one will work..... Apparently This guy was street racing in NY so the cops left his car in the street with a boot as a reminder....hope no one chops it
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Man, that sucks! Whats up with the white front though? Those carbon eyelids are pretty cool though. Makes it look aggressive.
I was wondering the same thing...LOL.. :p
MSVDUB said:
....hope no one chops it

Looks like it already got chopped, then fixed.
LMAO that is too funny...I think he changed out the bumper and didn't have time to paint it though[color=crimson[/color]]
I hate when people put body kits on their cars before they even have enough cash to paint it. It makes them look like poor little douche bags.
thats not exactly a body kit. its the stock bumper. he must of hit something and got it repaired.
I've never seen covers that replace the headlight washer area... weird. You think that those aren't covers, but the stock ones, with a replaced front?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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