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Hand Controls

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Well I finally got my hand controls installed in my car and was able to drive it for the first time. The owner of the place that was installing the controls was drooling over the GTI with a bunch of questions about how it drove, HP, Torque, etc. I told him what I could then offered him a ride since I had no idea how it drove myself. I pulled out of the parking lot and eased into the throttle since I only have 700 miles so far. My passenger and myself I think were impressed what the little I-4 2.0t can do.

I'm happy with the car and how it drives. It was what I expected and then some. Damn the DSG is quick on the shift!

Below are some pictures of the controls since you probably have no idea what they look like. Most controls that are installed are a left hand control. Instead I had a right hand control installed. It a made by a company called Menox out of Finland. The parts alone run $1000 plus install which was $600. They are pretty easy to get used to. (Not as easy as using your feet though!) Push the control forward to brake and pull it back to go!

The bar that you can see is directly connected to the brake. The gas is connected via a cable that pulls the peddle towards the floor. A little ******* engineering was involved in getting the cable figured out.
The handle has a servo switch that will hold the brake for you at the stoplight so it frees up my right hand to grab a drink, change the radio, etc.

I'm outta here and going for a drive >:D
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Thalo said:
Is that the Euro-style headlight switch I see there?
I was wondering if anybody was going to catch that. Yes it is. Good eye my friend.
I purchased my Euro Switch here -

It shipped same day and I had it in two days! Not bad for $65 out the door.

As for the rear fogs - do we have those bulbs installed? I guess I'll have to go look in the garage and see if they turn on. I want to say there is something you would have to change in the programing though because they are disabled from the factory. Not sure though. Has anyone gotten these to work??? If so what did you do?
GranTurismoInjection said:
Is it easy to use the hand controls and shift back and forth, or do you just drive in automatic most of the time?

And if you don't mind my asking, why do you need the hand controls?
Only thing that is tough to do is upshift with the paddle shifter. (Since my right hand is on the "gas") But the car does that for me and won't let me red line it.

I need the hand controls because I'm stuck in this thing...
Very Low Emissions, Turns on less than a dime, frame is titanium, already upgraded the rims from 36 spoke to 12 spoke....much lighter.

Dyno Results

HP - 2 Arms
Torque - So much you can flip over.

Entire frame breaks down in less than one minute and loaded into car.

What can I say I can't live without it! ;)
It's not a handicap just an injury (damn spinal cord). A handicap is something you are born with in my eyes. Although I do prefer use of their parking spots to keep other cars away from my fast. ;D

Mileage is great...haven't burned a gallon of oil yet. I guess you could say it's 100% ethanol. With a 100hp shot of methane too. >:D
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