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So I threw this to the other mods, but I'd like some more feedback from users. I may be a "mod", but I'm also just a user and a member of this community we call MFG. O0

I'm going to post a thread called a n00b13 survival guide to MFG. A few of you have noticed I really try to bite my tongue with new users. It's sometimes hard to tell a troll from someone just needs a lil' help. ;)

Please READ the whole thing. Yep, it's long. After you read it: What would you add to it?

Here it is:

Forum Survival Guide is a community, a gathering for people who love their GTI or are thinking about getting a GTI, both old and new. This is what these boards are generally about so there are a few things you have to take into account before posting:

1. Community:

To start; be nice to each other. When you have a lot of people in one 'room' you can be certain that not everyone will agree with you.
There will always be people that have another view on certain things then you have. As long as opinions stay within common sense you will have to respect their opinions as they will have to do with your's please do not "provoke" fellow users.
Especially with the well known "problem" subjects you are kindly requested to think about and review your answer before you hit the Post reply button.
If you have a problem with one or a few posts made on these boards please PM one of the friendly moderators or administrators and let them handle it.
Chance exists that if you reply to the post that poses a problem you might make it worse.

2. Topics & Posting:

-The search function: Before you make a new topic, you might want to search if someone has posted the same topic before.
The search only works to your advantage if you type in the keywords you're looking for correctly.

-Topic titles: When you make a new topic make sure that you give it a good title so that everyone reading it knows what the topic is about.
Also put it in the right section.

- Crossposting: When you make a new topic don't go posting the same all over the boards please.
You'll only irritate people and it can never be that that one question belongs to 5 different categories.
Double topics will be closed or removed when seen by the moderators or administrators.

- Editing posts: You can edit your own posts so it's not needed to post put multiple posts after each other into one topic when you can edit it into the same post.
The button can be found to the top right of the posts you make.

3. Language:

Because the reactions you type are the only way to communicate on a forum it is very important that the people reading it understand what you mean.
Especially when you start a new topic: the better the people understand you the easier it is for them to respond.

- Spelling: Because these are international boards and English is not every one's native language it might be difficult for some people to say what they mean or use a wrong spelling.
If you have trouble understanding what someone means, feel free to ask and do not "flame" the person.
But try to use as much correct spelling as possible. Google makes a free online spellchecker included with their toolbar :

- Please avoid using l33t Sp34|< and BrEeZaH: Some people like playing with their Shift keys while typing. or use numbers instead of letters.
Keep that limited please because |\|0t 3\/3ry0|\|3 c4|\| r34d t|-|15. (not everyone can read this)

- Smilies:Feel free to use smilies! In a text based discussion it's hard to see if someones crying, laughing or is angry. that's why it's important to show how you feel about something. Just don't use too many of them.

- Shouting: Don't go out shouting!
How do you shout in a text based discussion? Some might ask themselves.
If you want to make something clear it might be better to use a Bold tag (Bold tag [b ] open [/b ] close. Without the spaces)

- Dyslexia: Dyslexia is a problem where many people suffer from.
It can happen that someone posts a story or a topic without interpunction, spelling errors and/or other kinds of errors.
It's not nice to keep pointing someone on mistakes.
On the other side when you know you have Dyslexia try to keep your posts short , try to use a text editor with spell check and occasionally use the Enter button.
Most people are willing to read, but in reality; a sea of words without enters and/or interpunction can't be read right and that of course is a shame.

4. Flamewars:

Flamewars add nothing to forums; don't let yourself be provoked.
If a moderator or administrator sees a (potential) flamewar the participators and especially the starters risk having the thread locked/deleted, a warning or ban.
Also it's no use keeping up ranting if a thread bursts out into a fight about who's right or wrong, if you see a discussion going out of hand please be the wise and leave it to the board's crew.

5. Your fellow users:

Know who you are talking to. There's a lot of people here that know what they talk about on several subjects.
Advises and tips are not to be bashed.
If you have another view on some advise you may of course share your view, as long as you explain why you do not agree with the others view in friendly and understandable words.

6. Patience:

Be patient, not every post calls for immediate answers.
It can come within one minute but it can also take hours, so do not "bump" your topic every 10 minutes if people do not reply right away.
If you don't have an answer after 24 hours you might want to ask yourself if your subject is that interesting.

7. Bad language:

Everyone feels the need to go out and curse the entire world together sometimes.
The occasional cursing on the forums can be tolerated, but that does not include using cursing towards another poster, that will not be tolerated. So don't fucking curse.

8. Moderator's actions:

Moderators are also just visitors, we just have the extra responsibility to keep the boards a fun place to come to and to clean up messes.
Moderators too are only human and make mistakes, so if there has been an action you don't agree on please don't go ranting up you don't like the action and put the boards vs the crew.
Most things can be resolved by speaking to the mods directly through PM or through the Need help section.
When you do not agree with an action please also explain why you don't.
We from our side will explain why we did it and will try to find a way to keep everyone happy.

9. Extra side notes


Don't spam the board- your account will be quickly banned. If you wish to become an advertiser contact FastFreddie. Spamming includes that one of your first posts is promoting a product or service.

Personal Problems

Everybody has personal problems in his or her life.
The Internet is a good place to express them anonymously.
MyFastGTI does request you to solve your personal problems in private.
If you have a problem with a certain member we also request that you do not bring those problems to the forum.
Topics regarding personal problems or problems with other members will be locked and removed, the starter will also receive a warning.
If you have a personal problem, there is a time and place for everything- it's called

Duplicate Accounts

Multiple accounts by the same user are not permitted. If it is found a member has multiple accounts all but the first registered account will be permanently suspended.
If you are temporarily suspended and/or banned, expect it to be extended and/or made permanent.

Thank You and Enjoy the Ride.

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Looks pretty good to me, at least at the moment, you may reference the "Forum Lingo" thread somehow though. O0

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Leave the n00bs alone !!!! :'(

Looks good, I will admit I sorts skimmed it cuz I'm slightly buzzed and have the attention span of a goldfish rite now, but I will go over it in further detail tomorrow while bored out of my ghord at work. O0

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I think this is a good idea. Today is my first month anniversary as a GTI owner, so I'm still a noob...this is a friendly and helpful place, and it's nice to see efforts made to keep the tone appropriate. I actually think this is more like a plain survival guide, not solely a newbie one, it really covers everything.

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Very well put. the question is not so much what is missing, but how will it be presented? I take it they will have to read and accept these terms before their account is created? How do you know that they will not just scroll to the bottom? Same as any other site I suppose. Are all new members finding the introduce yourself thread? Is it tied to creating an account (you must complete a statement about yourself before creation of an account)? If not could you? The thread was not around when I joined, so it may sound like a stupid question to some of you if it is already set that way.
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