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yo. so i've had my share of racing si's.

all we do in sugarland/missouri city (houston, tx) is race our cars. no matter what they are.

i went from a super reliable '94 toyota pick-up 5-speed --> '07 vw gti 6-speed.
reliability fell a sht load w/ my gti. i've been to the dealership at least 8 times the past year for random faults, the most recent being cruise control not working. -__

anyways, back to si vs gti. i raced a new si in austin on mopac hitting the 135mph speed limiter. with my best friend in the passenger seat, and a 100lb woofer system in the back, i won every race w/ a good car to couple car lengths.

more recently, a good friend of mine. took out a loan and bought a new si.
he's been pushing it, always disregarding break-in period stuff.

along w/ the new si, another friend in my neighborhood, has an '05 rx-8 w/ many mods. he talks a lot of smack tho.

we raced down hwy90 many many times, going from digs, 20, 40, etc.

almost every time, my gti kept up w/ the rx-8 and si that both had 1 passenger each, while i had 2 plus my 100lb system.

i def. believe the gti can beat both of these cars. easy =)

kryptonkid07: next time we go out for a ride, u should come too.

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