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The other day i was comming off the highway and while waiting on the red light a Corrado zoomed by. The light hit green and i turned and followed him. On the next light he was turning right and so did I. Right after i finished my turn i punched it and so did he. He was good 20 m ahead and in 3rd gear by now, i was in 2nd. I wasnt sure how racy this guy was so i kept the shifts at 4500rpm. I cought up to him in no time. We were side by site the whole time. I think he was in 4th and i was in 3rd. As soon as he went to 5th i did 4rth and floored it because there was a car in front of me and my only choice was hit the brakes or change lanes. I cant be sure if he backed out to let me in, i dont think he did, but I over took him with out a sweat. By now i was doing 140km up hill. We raced for few more blocks. I would slow down to let him catch up and then gun it. I think i did 170 in a 50 zone, it was pretty crazy but it felt good.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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