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GTI Top Speed

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What is your true top speed in a MKV GTI? There has been a lot of controversy about the governer. Some say it goes above the 130mph limiter. Let us know what your top speed is.
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I was once driving, on a clear country highway... doing about 120km/h when the speed limit was 100. Out of nowhere I'm passed by this red souped up Acura doing way faster than me, he must have been doing 180-200. A few seconds after he passed me, he's still within a few hundred yards of me and a deer hops onto the road. He swerves, loses control, does a 360 before sliding across the median over onto the opposite lane. I'm watching this all from a safe distance back, my cruise control still stuck on 120. Luckily opposing traffic was pretty thin, otherwise he would have hit something. Ended up upside down in the ditch beside the opposite lane. I'd say that's pretty embarassing.
all i know is that right after i got the ko4 turbo kit done i jumped my fast on the toll road and popped 165 fairly easy!! ;D ;D
whiteonblack07 said:
all i know is that right after i got the ko4 turbo kit done i jumped my fast on the toll road and popped 165 fairly easy!! ;D ;D
yeah so why is JGO givin me crap
I' ve hit 140 MPH in mine...clear straight and level highway. Just doesn't seem to want to go much faster...not enough power to push the car through the air any faster I Possibly could but I didn't wanna press my luck.
Hey guys,
Does anyone know if the electronically limited speed differs from a country to another
coz ,i think in U.S ,they are obliged to put this limit to obey the speed and traffic law IN U.S ONLY ,i am not sure...
anyone from outside U.S had hit more than 130 MPH ???
up till now,i've reached 200 Km/h, it's about 125 MPH, am gonna try to bypass this speed in the few days,especially with the help of my radar detector !
Anyone know what's the limit in the middle east ?
what top speed have you reached?
GTfly said:
fastest i have seen myself on the speedo is 130 before i had to use the brakes. i know it wasnt a true 130 though. it was closer to 120 then 130. if you have the climate control AC you can make it so the passanger side temp reads as a speedo but it cuts off after 110 :-\
how do you do that?
Need for Speed

I'm just curious to the top speed that people have got up to in their GTi's. :p
Re: Need for Speed

I'm not upset, but this is in completely the wrong area of the forum, and there's already a rather large topic about this already, search for it next time.

Can a moderator please delete this, or could somebody please make me a moderator so I can just take care of these without asking each time.
Re: Need for Speed

I'm gonna find the big topic about top speeds and merge this one into it... cause that's how I roll.
i was at the dealership today and the guy said the top speed is usually 155mph when pushing it hard as hell!!
Dealership in America? For the American version of the GTi?
umm thats what he said... i dont know maybe he was jus ttalking stupid.. but i know it goes about 140 tops
A 155 mph top speed would be nice. But I highly doubt it. Even if it was true, it would probably take about 5 miles to reach it.
well i think with a stage 2 chip intake and tbe we can reach 150 no prob but it may take a few miles i think our cars can reach up to 165mph on a long open road.
ive done 210 km/h on my MkV had the potential to go faster but i thought that was it for the day lol
Nice how fast is that in mph and take a pic or have someone tape it. What mods have you done?
130 mph. My top is just a hair over that at 215 or 133 mph.
usually my car tops out around 225-230 km/h (138 m/h) ive only topped out my fast maybe 4-6 times... One of the times it just flew though hit 240 km/h (144 ) dont know how cause i know that theyre limited to 230 usually but meh it was awsome musta been the lack of wind and nice conditions for the turbo or something :) love how the car feels like a solid rock flying at high speeds dosnt feel unstable at all :) dont think ill be topping car out again anytime soon at all unless i get mods or find myself a very good exciting race hehe :)
I just drove to Austin this week, about 220 miles from Dallas. I had the opportunity to truly top out the car for the first time. The speedometer read just over 140mph, but the portable GPS that I had with me said 130mph.

So there it is, my GLI is officially (GPS verified) electronically limited to 130mph, even though the speedometer may say differently.

On the topic, if you get the APR chip, will it remove the limiter?
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