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i just found this on another forum and thought somone might need it:: here ya go.... O0

Removing a GTI Bumper.

You're going to need some Torx bits, T25 and a much larger size that I
can't recall. Also it is a good idea to have a bud work with you because 4 hands are better than two in carrying and positioning the bumper cover.

You start out at the grill by removing the hood unlatch pull. You do this by unhooking the metal clip and sliding the forked ends off of the pegs on the latch mechanism by taking a flat head screwdriver and forcing them off... don't worry, the plastic pull is quite flexible... just make sure you don't lose the clip.

Next you need to unscrew the T25 Torx screws at the top of the grill. With these undone, the grill can be removed by pulling carefully up and forward... do it carefully or you could break clip or scratch it up. Sit it to the side on a blanket to avoid scratches.

With the grill removed you will see a large Torx screw. Remove it.

Next, remove the T25 screws in the front of your wheel wells. The ones that need removing are on the area between the top of the bumper and the bottom. Now the bumper should start to get loose. Hopefully the lower black grills were removed previously. If not, they can be removed by reaching through the grills and unlatching them from the bumper. At the top corner of each outer grill there is one large Torx screw. In the driver side there is a temp sensor that will need to be unhooked from the bumper. Unscrew it and you are almost there.

With you and your bud standing at the corners of the car, pull out from each wheel and pull towards the front of the car. The bumper will still be attached by the wires from you side markers, pull the wires out of the socket and the cover should now come right off. Sit it to the side on a blanket. With the cover off, you have a lot of room to work.

Installation is opposite of install, reversing the instructions in the above order.

Make sure that your plastic under motor tray goes above the valence when you reinstall the bumper.

If the bumper does not align and gap correctly, loosen all screws and work with it until the problem is solved.

Good luck... I hope I did not leave out any steps or screws.
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