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GTI in pain.

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I turned my car on, and had to floor it just to get rolling and could not get the RPMS above 3500. It took me about 30 seconds to get to 40 mph. The engine light, and EPS was on. meant the engine managment system. It was scary driving this car. Now I'm waiting to hear from vw what the hell the problem is.
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WTF! That sucks real bad, report back asap.
Gunny said:
Did you try running with EPS off?
Also; Did it feel like the car might have been braking, or just would not go? :-\
The car just would not go. I couldnt hear the turbo at all either. My vw called and said they never saw the type of intake i have, The Nuespeed P-Flo, such bull I know there going to try to blame my intake for the problem.
Try it with the EPS off (could could be wheel speed sensor error). Running with it off will say a lot. Could have to do with traction control or vehicle sability. Give it a shot.
I did it with esp off before, and it did nothing.
Kinda tought to say without being there. I guess I hoping it would be something simple. Let us know when you get a diagnosis.
you should of just put the stock intake back on and brought it in to them
I had the same's a connector under that big ass plastic cover. something to do with the throttle or fuel or some shit. but should be nothing but a plug under that cover that came loose. take it off, check all connections and give it another go. if not, VW has to check it out
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