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This really irks me. I don't know why.. but the 0-60 on the 2.0T Passat is the same as the GTI according to VW. WHY?!

What the hell makes the GTI so heavy that the Passat is equally fast? Although I disagree with the stats on the website though. I timed myself... i don't know how accurate i was though.

Me my buddy windows and sunroof open: 6.99 seconds
Me alone windows and sunroof open: 6.84 seconds
Me alone windows closed, A/C off: 6.4 seconds.

Now, my tires are super worn ( I only have 7,000 miles.. well, almost 8,000) from all the Launch Control usage. So I think I could get a lot better time if I had nice grippy tires.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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