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Grip: The amount of traction a tire can produce on a road surface. Tires produce maximum traction when they are upright and perpendicular to the road surface. An upright tire creates a contact patch on the road that has the optimal distribution of stresses. This ensures maximum traction with a long and even wear.
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Just ordered a set of these thru DiscountTireDirect... should be here Thurs the 12th (april)

Nitto NeoGen's
No I didn't get rims :mad:

Good Bye Slippery All Season Conti's!
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Got em Mounted UP
On the way to German Speed Merchants

Lookin all Aggressive

So grippy, a corner I usually slide thru I cut too close and went off the inside of the road.. lol just grass tho

100% satisfied.
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scottnashley said:
Ive driving with the nitto neo gens also. They are probably the best tire for the price it rides the same in the rain as on dry pavement -scott
What he said.
We got about 2 inches of rain here in NC last weekend and I was aiming for puddles, to see how bad it pulled when goin through at speed. I won't say it didn't pull, but I was confident I wouldn't be pulled from the road if I hit one unexpectedly. I cannot say the same for the Contis..... Not to mention corners were very very predictable, having to really throw the car into it to induce a slide. Launching feels like I did a burn out first to warm them up. I can't say enough... Get them if you don't have mud or snow to worry about.
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