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Hey Colton CA,

A PCD chip? What the F' is that?
Anyhow, it is helpful to tell your final goal. Otherwise we'll lead you in 100 different directions.

If no turbo upgrade is in your future, then;

exhaust-downpipe first
better remap/tune
rear sway-bar
pendulum insert mount
Whiteline anti-lift kit (W.A.L.K.) bushings
Springs/dampers or coil-overs
engine/tranny mount kit
fmic-Forge is easiest to install
turbo outlet pipe
throttle intlet pipe
pcv fix-optional as oem is upgraded often enough, so is the DV

For a bit more power, then;

HPFP upgrade/ and hpfp remap

If you plan to upgrade the turbo, then;

Big brake kit
DSG remap unless manual
front sway-bar
add an S3 fmic, unless you didn't go with Forge earlier
turbo, injectors, and a DV(if turbo is larger than a K04)

That should take care of nearly everything...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts