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Go MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mavs are going to clean up.
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dean said:
We'll see who brings it tonight. Did you watch Shaq's weird-ass comments to the media when he said he was an alien from another planet? I mean, I know it was schtick, but he went on and on for a good 3 or 4 minutes.
Hey there.. I gotta say LETS GO HEAT!!! Born and raised in Miami and not thinking of leaving..

Both teams deserve to win this series but I do have to stick to my home town team.

Good luck to both teams!! ;)

Its half time and its definitely looking rough for Miami.. Lets hope for a better second half.
dean said:
2 FOUR POINT PLAYS?? What's up with Miami's D tonight?
Dean, I got to say Miami better start playing cause it seems like they just havn`t shown up yet. The Mavs have been running their plays very well and have capitalized on every mistake Miami has had. The Mavs have demonstrated what champions bring to the finals.
dean said:
Lead down to 12 - maybe they've decided to show up after all. Wade's obviously not feeling it - his touch isn't there. Plus, for some reason, no one can buy a basket. To tell you the truth, even as a Mavs fan, I don't enjoy a blowout. I want both teams at full strength going back to Miami.
I guess we got nothing to do but wait and see. Even though I am a Heat fan I do have to admit that the Mavs at full strength are pretty damn hard to play against. They make the opponent chase them down the court and every play is ran hard and fast which at times frustrates their opponents (in this case the Heat).
1 - 4 of 29 Posts
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