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Go MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mavs are going to clean up.
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JET was insane last night. Even though Dirk's been getting a lot of bad press regarding his shooting percentage, his line really isn't bad at all.
We'll see who brings it tonight. Did you watch Shaq's weird-ass comments to the media when he said he was an alien from another planet? I mean, I know it was schtick, but he went on and on for a good 3 or 4 minutes.
Don't get me wrong - I'm not a Miami hater. I just want to see some good basketball. Dwyane scares the hell out of me. How do you guard that guy?
2 FOUR POINT PLAYS?? What's up with Miami's D tonight?
Lead down to 12 - maybe they've decided to show up after all. Wade's obviously not feeling it - his touch isn't there. Plus, for some reason, no one can buy a basket. To tell you the truth, even as a Mavs fan, I don't enjoy a blowout. I want both teams at full strength going back to Miami.
The Mavs are tough to beat because the bench is so deep and varied. Avery can play big, small, fast, etc. Bench scoring is the only reason we're even playing the Heat right now.
Well mog3618, it looks like Wade finally broke out and found his game. While most people around here are talking about how Shaq made his free throws while Dirk, who shoots like 91% at the line, missed his, it really comes down to the Mavs just pissing away their lead with shoddy offense. Plus, if I hear one more comment about how stupid it was (though it was...) not to just let Payton launch his shot, I'm going to kill myself.
Wade drank some rocket sauce and gave a clinic, that's how. I could see it in the first quarter, though - how slow did the Mavs look in comparison to Games 1 + 2? The idea is to tire out Miami so they have nothing left in the tank by the fourth and capitalize on bad shots and turnovers. Dampier did his job. Nobody else did. Plus, I love how Dallas reverted to a Nelson-esque jump-shooting team, totally going against the attack-the-rim philosophy that Avery's been trying to drill into their heads. Pathetic.
RIP, Mavs. :( So I guess the new question is whether Dirk is SuperStar status or not. Is it a prerequisite that the player kick ass in the Playoffs, or in the Finals, specifically, because he did a pretty great job up until Miami.
Yeah - Terry is genius, but he's not Wade-level. That guy's simply incredible. Terry's a free agent at the end of the season. I'm wondering if Cuban will dole out the cash to keep him. A 7 ft jump shooter is unique, but it goes counter to everything Avery has been trying to teach these guys. A jump-shooting team that's afraid of punishment will never win a Finals. Period. After your first, I don't know, 10 shots don't fall, perhaps it's time to crash the net and attempt to at least capitalize on FT %.
Don't know if you listen to The Ticket, but Junior Miller had a pretty good insight on what may be part of the problem for the Mavs - trying to run an offense through a 7-footer who doesn't play like a 7-footer. Like Robinson or Garnett, these guys are odd freaks, but you don't have either a play-making guard (because they don't move like that) or a true low post guy (remember, Robinson was only effective when teamed up with Duncan - a true center).
GranTurismoInjection said:
Haha, do I listen to The Ticket?

My stepmom is a sales rep. for them, and my dad used to be the general sales manager there.

I've met all those guys, they're funnier than hell.

But yeah, Dirk needs to drive it to the hoop more than he does.
P1 here, minus Bob and Dan - Bob whips me to no end, and hockey is meaningless in my life.
Me too, and while I was heartbroken that Gordo decided to drop The Rant, I'm kind of getting into The Orphanage.
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