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FWD Drifting

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Anybody really good at this and have some advice? I did it once on a sweeper by my college using some trail braking and letting off the gas late, but I only had it that once.

The reason why this belongs in the "I got in trouble" forum - I tried to duplicate it going the other way in the sweeper, went in with the same speed, but didn't think about the fact that the other direction was a tighter radius... oops. I wound up facing the other direction (facing the right way and away from any cars on the road, the streets were empty) hahaha it was a rush for sure
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Well... On my Neon (yes, I've got a Neon lol) the only way I can actually 'drift' (on dry pavement) is if I'm going pretty fast. With the big rear sway bar, it's WAY easier. However, it likes to SNAP back... which is not fun. The back end will release at the weirdest moments, also. Maybe I just don't have enuf knowledge to control it, but I have enough experience with the car to hold it riiiight on the edge, and that only got better when I went to a roadcourse. I had a Viper owner hanging on (but he was having fun) for dear life as I went balls-out into the corners, right on the verge of spinning out in each one. (note: learning experience = broken car parts :-[)

My personal FWD drifting preferences:
-Big rear sway bar, small front
-Inflate the rear tires more than the fronts, that gives you LESS of a surface area on the rears
So it's this: U
Instead of this: |_|
Reduced surface area = less traction = more sliding (dry pavement)
-SNOW. haha snow is always good!

If anyone has anything else or needs to correct me, go for it, I am by no means an expert, this is just what I've found works with my car.
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