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I have a 2007 GTI MKV that the previous owner ran the cam follower through. I was able to get the warranty claim and got a new cam, follower, HPFP etc...However after I checked the follower wear now (6 months later) I have a small fuel leak after putting things back together. I have read about the washer (N 013 806 3) posted at and this washer doesn't fit the new HPFP I got from the cam follower claim. The leak is from the top of the bolt in the attached picture.

I have tightened the bolt with plenty of torque but don't want to damage anything so I have not gone crazy on it. I have also put upward pressure on the rail while threading the bolt with no differences in the slow leak.

Is there a washer of some sort at the base of the bolt or is there a different washer for the revision HPFP that was installed by VW for the cam follower claim that may have fell out when I checked the follower?



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