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Ok; so upon evaluating my goals in life, owning a fast and expensive car wasn't one of them. I know I will take a hit on this, but am asking for 22,000. The car has 4.8k on it currently. The buyer would be responsible for ALL taxes, fees, etc. I don't have the title as the bank has that but can get it when deal is made.

Call me for more details and/or to work out a deal:


717-315-eight zero three zero
(trying to keep spam away)

I have babied this car since day 1, it's just about three months old.

I would be willing to consider a trade with the deal.

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Three months old and 4.8K on it all ready. Sounds like you have an addiction to your fast. There are support programs for it and the members of this website will be more than happy to help you keep your fast.

Sorry to hear you have to off load the GTI. Wish I could help you out but all I have to offer on a trade is a mountain bike. It does get great miles to the gallon. Haven't had to fill it since purchase. 27 speed tranny and new tires! Leather seat! Full suspension!

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Yeah I have an addiction and it pains me to get rid of it. I love it to death. I want to finish college after I get out of the Air Force and then travel. I did the math and I wouldn't be able to travel until the payments are up; I decided to use a 248cc Motorcycle to get me to and from work with co-workers helping in bad weather. That way I have some sort of transportation. I would love to see 24,000 for this car as it would help me out immensly! Did I mention that it comes with a 6 year 100,000 mile extended warranty?
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