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what's up guys!
check this out, I'm selling the Passenger Airbag Module from my BMP mkv gti... check out the pics below
Now I've been to VW back and forth for MONTHS now and i know how much these things cost and i'm here to tell you it's f*cking ridiculous...
they want $950.00 for a passenger, and $800.00 each for the curtains and $750.00 for the driver/steering wheel module.

I just did a massive partout and it's ridiculous what a man can do with an impact wrench and a hex set with a lift and an extra set of hands along with any other tool i need.
these air bag systems are 100% perfect AND INTACT! never deployed.

I'm selling them for THESE prices, and I'm pricing to sell quickly.
Passenger Airbag Module (from dashboard) $620 SHIPPED
Curtain Airbag Module(s) $1000 for BOTH and we'll work out shipping.

EMAIL ME at [email protected] and I'm more than happy to send pics and answer any and all questions! if we make a deal I promise rain or shine i will get your item out in LESS THAN 24 HOURS unless it's the weekend of course :)

also I'm still sitting on some 18" BBS HUFFS that i'm selling for $100 each.
they got damaged in my accident so obviously i'm pricing those DIRT cheap.
help me out guys i'm leaving for Illinois in april and I'm not paying for storage for these parts and i can't take them with me thanks :)
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