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sematelo said:

after i read kinda wandering what i should do about this dv i got. according to this writeup, the forge dv causes harm to our turbos.
I didn't read the link yet, and I'm having some boost leak issues after upgrading to first the forge drop in DV. I was running Revo stage I and upgraded to the Revo stage II after the Revo was in for a month. No issues at stage I, but at stage II, something is not right.

I contacted revo and they seem to be willing to work with the issue (requested I do some vag-com data logging) and I called a guy at Revo. No response from Revo at ALL. :(

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well according to that link it said that the forge DV caused some delay to recirc the air. also leaves back pressure.

quick recap...

In conclusion:
- Forge vs OEM showed no significant improvement in boost holding capability
- Forge vs OEM showed no significant change in boost ramp-up
- Forge exhibited no improvement in mid-range and upper RPM boost over OEM
- Forge showed a ~.3s decrease in response over OEM when recirculating boost
- Forge exhibited comparable rate of releasing boost to OEM
- Forge increased backpressure on turbine compared to OEM, as observed by a 3-5psi pre-throttle body spike.
- The Forge valve is still a mechanical diverter valve and still relies on vacuum from the throttle plate for recirculating boost, whereas the OEM DV relies on electricity to retract the piston and recirculate boost.

EDIT: I have APR STAGE II right now with the Forge DV. i dont feel any significant increase in throttle or holding boost (according to my boost gauge).
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