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First wrecked GTI....

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I am sad to say that I think I am the first to wreck my GTI... :'(...I got rear ended a stop sign.. My whole back bumper is destroyed and so is part of my rear hatch...she had my license plate imprint on her front bumper..and nothing but a few scratches on her car... took cell phone pics, but no battery to upload pics, so put them up later, but this sucks...

Should I take the car to the VW dealership to get fixed? I want to make sure they use factory parts, and dont want to get screwed over...
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I'd not only contact the VW dealership to see who they use, but also see who the area audi dealer uses. Of course make sure they repair it with OEM VW parts. Have them check throughout the car. Ever seen the little balls on the string? Your car is the same way. Inertia can travel and do damage in other places besides where it is apparant. Make sure they check the car thouroughly. Sorry about the bad luck. That really sucks.
well look on the bright side, at least it wasn't your fault, and hopefully that woman had insurance. you should MOST DEFINATELY go to the dealership first and ask them who they use for body repair, my VW dealership uses Service King, when i got a dent in my car, i just dropped off my car at the dealership and they had EVERYTHING taken care of in a few days. Good luck getting it fixed.
I would have been farrrrrrrr too drunk to post about my Fast if it got as much as a door ding on it. As bad as I feel for you, I dont think I could stomach seeing a damaged GTI. I would get physically ill.
trust me yer not the first... cause i was hah. my car was smashed march 25th (1 month after i got it) its still not even fixed! florida car body shops are still booked with cars from the hurricanes last year. but fortunatly this monday i get to bring it in to be fixed (3 months later). it needs a new fender and front bumber. i parked backwards in a parking spot at a park during school and when i came back to the car later in the day it was toasted :'( hit and run so i have to pay a $500 deductable and then the insurance company will pay for the rest.]Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Looks like that headlight was saved! I'm guessing those aren't cheap to replace.

Friends don't let friends drive smashed up Fast. Good luck on the repairs!
That sucks, at least the girl who hit me had insurance and didnt deny fault... I went to the hospital in an ambulance, becuz I hurt my I mean my neck, and they towed my car... Im leaving now to go pick it up and get an estimate for everything.. Im in Orlando, so hopefully I can get it fixed quickly.. I know how insurance companies love to drag things out...
Wow. I feel more sorry for the guy who was hit in a parking lot. I mean that's just totally preventable ignorant driving. Happened to my old Jetta too.
yeah... but good news is (3 months later) my car goes into the shop monday! woo :)
and that person with the red GTI that got run over by the pickup... seeing that picture made me almost cry :'(. i know the feeling man. well maybe not considering mine is atleast still driveable :-\.
when my car gets fixed ill post up a pic and let ya all know how well they fixed it :)
si-killer85 said:
my gti after getting run over by an f-250
That's a god damn greek tragedy man.
si-killer85 said:
my gti after getting run over by an f-250
si-killer85 said:
my gti after getting run over by an f-250
That's a brother taking a brother out.

Nice Wheels though! ;)
I am sorry to hear and see these Fast that have been injured. I guess the good thing is that you are all still hear to tell your stories. Wish the best for the repairs. I am down in Miami and drivers here suck. I have found myself in a couple close calls already. One lady ran a stop sign but I was able to stop (good breaks). Believe it or not 2 idiots trying to catch up to me on the highway cut off an 18 wheeler which then swirved and just missed my rear quarter panel.
Mine got bent in March too. A small SUV in fromt of me stopped suddenly in slow traffic. I bumped is bumper which was slightly higher than the front of my hood. Put a bend just to the right of center on my hood. I was referred by my stealer, er, dealer to a mobile body shop, and they did an amazing job fixing the bend and matching the paint via a wireless internet computer in the truck. It actually contacted VW and downloaded the mixture for "Candy Weiss". The match is perfect and I can't see the repair no matter how hard I try. Good as new!
It hurts my heart to see all those beautiful GTI's wrecked :'(
brought my GTI to the body shop today to get fixed ;D cant wait until i get it back!!
PS: now im stuck driving my dads maxima for the week haha... funny part is before i got my GTI MKV use to love driving his car instead of my moms BMW 525i.. now i cant stand driving the maxima SE or the BMW 525i haha.
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