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favorite gas brand

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I know many people who swear their car runs better on a particular brand of gas. I have yet to notice any real difference in my GTI, and I pretty much get gas at whatever station is nearest me when the refuel now light has been on for 40 miles or so ;)

Anybody have an opinion (that's a stupid question around here), or noticed any differences?
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Exxon Mobil. Used to represent them. ;D Also, maybe I'm a sucker for the history of the company or their advertising, but I always feel better after filling up on their Premium.
Thalo said:
I actually find the Canadian version of Exxon (Esso/Imperial Oil) to be the absolute worst gas. I'd like to fill up at Shell, but I just don't have a card to get me a fuel discount.
What didn't you like about it, if you don't mind my asking? You called it "the absolute worst gas," so I'm wondering if it caused any adverse reaction to your engine components, a la BP.
wayner said:
oh thalo
dont be jealous. if you had what i had you would be much happier!!!!!!!!
to have your loser ass know. i make approx 250 325 k ayear pal.
my two petercars cost more than your entire whatever you have!!!! no one here asked you for your smart ass remark anyway. i thought i was helpfull in saying what i said!
so before you start trying to put someone down you should have the facts pal..
ill bet you have a hefty note with that gti.... idont
and ya no high school after tenth grade was all about making money pal
and didnt ya ever here of vapor recovery?
theres the punctuation BITCH
Hey, man, take this shit elsewhere. Around here, aside from some good-natured ball-busting, I haven't seen any flaming, and I think it's pretty cool. I also haven't seen people use IM speak and forgo punctuation.
1 - 3 of 50 Posts
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