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favorite gas brand

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I know many people who swear their car runs better on a particular brand of gas. I have yet to notice any real difference in my GTI, and I pretty much get gas at whatever station is nearest me when the refuel now light has been on for 40 miles or so ;)

Anybody have an opinion (that's a stupid question around here), or noticed any differences?
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I was so happy when I went to gas up in Canada, then I realized it was the price per liter, not per gallon....oh well, they have legal massage parlors ;D
Actually BP is the shit... they have the best food, it's made right there how you want it....I never had any problems with the gas either... I dont see a huge gas company adding shit that will fuck up your engine, maybe the occasional franchise owner who puts a little water in the tanks, or reg mixed with premium in the premium tanks to make a few extra $$..
1 - 3 of 50 Posts
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