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favorite gas brand

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I know many people who swear their car runs better on a particular brand of gas. I have yet to notice any real difference in my GTI, and I pretty much get gas at whatever station is nearest me when the refuel now light has been on for 40 miles or so ;)

Anybody have an opinion (that's a stupid question around here), or noticed any differences?
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Hi All, Unfortunately most oil companies have been putting less and less detergents and additives in their gas over the last 5 years or so. This is becoming such a problem that the car companies have come up with a standard called "Top Tier Gas". To meet this requirement all grades of gas that they sell must meet the standard. To find out what companies meet this requirement go to "". I live in Michigan and the only company that meets the requirement is Shell. In a high tech engine like our FSI's is very important to use good gas. Injectors can clog, sensors can go bad and crap will build up on the valves.
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