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favorite gas brand

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I know many people who swear their car runs better on a particular brand of gas. I have yet to notice any real difference in my GTI, and I pretty much get gas at whatever station is nearest me when the refuel now light has been on for 40 miles or so ;)

Anybody have an opinion (that's a stupid question around here), or noticed any differences?
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Whatever is cheapest. I usually buy my gas on base so it's whoever AAFES deals with.
zulu said:
Not 100% positive on that but I would assume Amoco would be the same story since it's the same company.
That may or may not be accurate. The BPs around here used be Amocos almost exclusively. From what I understand, they're BP in name only. They still get their gas from the same suppliers.
wayner said:
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First of all, you do not make "approx 250 325 k ayear" so stop bullshitting. Unless, that is, you sell rock or your ass, even then that's pushing it. Second, you type like a 4 year old with a learning disability which shows how intelligent you are and because of that NOTHING you say is helpful. Third, stop being a prick. Because you decided to be an asshole right off the bat, I'm skipping the first warning and calling this one your second. Pop off like that again and you're banned. Permanently.
Unfortunately, he won't be able to read your messages, guys.

This member will not be participating on this board anymore.
I do tend to enjoy mental excercises like that, though. Like those cyphers where the letters of the alphabet are shifted and you have to try and figure out what the sentence says.
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