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My "D"-version N75 finally died (not to be mistaken with the N249, also known as the Diverter Valve). Here is a chronological account of past events, symptoms listed at the end:

1. CEL came on under WOT several times in the summer with ambient temps above 80F. P0234 code each time. From this point on, now that i have something to compare to, the car felt under powered - not by much, barely noticeable.

2. About two months ago the car went straight to limp mode upon start up. No CEL, no codes. Just limp. Restarting solved the issue. TEMPORARILY. This happened several times over the next few weeks.

3. Last week coming back from Toronto the car went into limp mode 4 times in 2 hours on the highway. CEL came on, scanning for codes revealed P0234 and P0243.

4. Started the car this morning to drive over to a friend's shop to swap out the N75. Immediately there was a flashing yellow CEL, surging, engine knock, vacuum hovered around -5mmHG, the whole car was vibrating and shaking, exhaust was spurting out carbon. Attempted to restart, with sweaty hands, and the car was extremely unwilling to turn over. Had it towed.

5. Although i knew it would be quite a list, i scanned for codes and got over a dozen codes primarily related to the N75, misfires, engine knock, and low fuel pressure. Replaced the N75, cleared the codes and WHAT DO YOU KNOW - the car is normal again.

Symptoms: slightly reduced power, P0234, P0243, CEL, limp mode, and, when the N75 completely craps out, you need a tow truck.

Glad thats over.
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