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faster or slower??

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i am a newbie, and looking to purchase either a 07 gti 4 door or a 07 jetta gli both with dsg. the fastest vehicle i have driven is my dads cherokee laredo 4.7liter v8, and to me that vehicle feels like a monster in the acceleration catagory. i really want somthing that is fast off the liine, i would like alot of opinions on these vehicles as far s performance. also i would like to do some drifting in maybe a couple of nearby abandoned parking lots and was wondering if these 2 cars would be good for that use?? are these 2 vehicles better or worse off the line than that of the cherokee 4.7liter v8??
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no way, as mentioned before the jeep gets to 60 in under 5 seconds, beats our 7 by far!! it also is enough of a head start that we may never be able to catch up....
under 5 seconds... i think yer talking about the SRT-8 jeep. the 4.7 v8 wont go 0-60 in under 5 seconds.
the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 has 420hp and does it in under 5 seconds. the v8 loredo has almost 100hp less... there is NO way it will make it in under 5 seconds. probably not even under 6 seconds.
scothand said:
Although I'm sure some drifting is possible with the GTI, that type of driving is best accomplished with a rear-wheel drive car. With RWD, you can steer the car in one direction with the front wheels while adding momentum along the axis of the car, because the rear wheels aren't turning.

That said, the Cherokee has a 0-60 of just under 5 seconds according to the internet, and the GTI is closer to 7.
I'd still recommend the GTI (obviously), because I'm not a truck/SUV person.
People still consider buying vehicles that get 15 mpg city / 20 mpg hwy?!
this is where i heard it rofl lol lmao fla
hah alright... but honestly... the srt-8 can do under 5 seconds but the v8 loredo doesnt stand a chance of getting anywhere near to 5 flat.
EVEN IF the jeep is somehow faster the fun factor will be on a whole new level. 8)
thats true, i know that the 4.7 v8 cant do 0 to 60 in under 5 seconds, i would predict more like 8ish. but over all is the gti a solid vehicle?? i am looking to purchase some type of aftermarket performance parts and maybe a body kit. do you guys have advice of what to get for the gli??? right now im thinking of buying these parts..... could i install these parts my self? i do have some mechanical skills.

SET OF 4 RIMS ---- ASA AR1 Finish: Black w/Mach Lip in size 18"

would this be a solid setup added onto a stock 4 door untied grey gti?? any other mods i chould be aware of??
I love that Reiger kit; makes me wish I hadn't gotten the VW kit. Overall, that's a solid setup for a moderate street GTI. The kit and GHL exhaust are a nice touch visually (likely the best way to go for quad tips), but keep in mind that the 3" setup won't play nice with all ECM upgrade choices (if you think you'll want this in the end.) The jury's still out on whether it will affect your top-end power on a stock program. If I'm thinking right, GIAC and Revo chips are optimized for a 2.5" or 2.75" exhaust. APR doesn't say anything about tuning for exhaust airflow, but they do make a 3" exhaust, which they naturally recommend.
any other openions on these mods??
Keep in mind, wet weather can sometimes wreak havoc with the "extended version" of any Cold Air Intake. .

You may want to go for the normal P-Flo.. just my $.02|GV&type=11&ltype=ns_euro&p_id=1941
I like the rims, but I've not seen a body kit I think is an improvement over the stock body.
Also, I absolutely love the way the engine sounds already, so any exhaust mods are confusing to me unless they can open up a whole bunch of power.

Just my opinions... feel free to do what you like.
Gtiman, please search the site. There is a lot of information, and if you look, every one of your questions will be answered. My advice is to have your dad drive you to the dealership, and test drive the GTI and GLI. You'll like it, I promise. Like I said, search and you'll find out about all kinds of aftermarket stuff, as well as the "voiding the warranty" issue.
i appretiate all of your advice guys thanks a bunch
anybody else have any thoughts??
can i get a couple more openions??
No more opinions. Go to the dealership and see/drive the car for yourself.
i guarantee if you like driving that Jeep you will LOVE driving either the GTi or GLi :).
, i am asking for opinions on the body kit and mods, so if you will please stay out of my threads unless you have somthing nice to say. it would be greatly appretiated ;D
im sorry, i thought you were saying that just to get rid of me, i apoligize
gtiman said:
, i am asking for opinions on the body kit and mods, so if you will please stay out of my threads unless you have somthing nice to say. it would be greatly appretiated ;D
Personally, I think the body kit is just blingage (the rear bumper does look a lil' better).
I may get the splash guards in the future.

As far as mods go- modifying the ECU is the best bang for the buck, depending on what company you choose, it's anywhere from a 25-50 HP gain and even more in torque. ;D
does that require a lot of mechanical skill to install that??? what kit would you recommend ?? i am looking for acceleration than i am top end
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