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Fast badge

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I've been back and forth all over this forum and haven't seen this posted anywhere (sorry if it has been), but you can get a fast badge that's the same chrome as the GTI badge, here's a link
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Oh, and if you look around on that site, you can find the Fast Jr. and the keychain Fast, amongst other goodies.
I'm thinking about getting the fast keychain, but 15 bucks is expensive for a keychain. maybe next paycheck...
I'm thinking about it too, mostly because they never sent me my REAL Fast... and to get it, I have to have Wells Fargo (who I'm leasing it through) call Volkswagen and tell them to send me one, because apparently, their name is on the car instead of mine.

I just gave up after a while. It's not too bad; at least I have the car 8)
welcome to MFG but y you posting in 17month old thread
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