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who can tell me if the "ding guard" for lack of a better word, that runs along both door outer door panels is easily removed?? I am thinking it would streamline the look of the car... if its simply adhesive keeping that trim on, (and no i am not talking about the black lower portions of the car) Any takers?
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Re: Exterior

I like the look of it too. It seems like it breaks up the door. The door would look kind of weird with that much 'flat area'.

Also, before I go ripping mine right off the door, are we absolutly sure that it is only held on by adheasive? It would really suck to get half of it removed only to find that there is a plastic rivet or something that leaves a nice hole in the door.
Re: Exterior

Kids?!? It's the hundred year old geriatrics with licenses that you have to worry about. (You know...Catteracts with Cadillacs.) My old lady had her brand new 2007 Passat a little less than two weeks, just passed 600 miles, when in the parking lot of the Acme, a nice old man confused the 'R' with 'D' and left her bringing the rear bumper cover home in the back seat!
Re: Exterior

Bboy AJ said:
Bcruzin said:
Thoughts / opinions?

I found this pic on , but they said this was post-body shop.. some say there are holes in the door under the trim, others say no holes.. can anyone confirm either
I like this car a lot. Very clean. Ride quality must be crap, though.
I totally agree.
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