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hey all i am looking for an exhust for my GTI MKV. Anyone add exhust yet to there car and what kind did you add? About how much did it run you? I need some help i am new this world and want to pimp my car out. Help me

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not an MKV but i have an MKIV Custom 3" Turbo back high flow cat and magnaflow muffler for $480 sounds good, great tone at idle and cruising, little throaty when the foots in the floor. Also a little louder then stock inside the car and outside at idle great buy loved it and mad all the difference. go for it youll love it then get it chipped and really whip some ass
Reading those two posts would make any english teacher cry.
I've been doing a little research lately looking for an exhaust myself. There isn't a whole lot of systems out for the MK5 yet, but there are a couple of companies that have a good product. Techtonics has a good exhaust that bolts directly to the stock hangers. Really freakin easy to install. I previously had a VR6 that I installed a Techtonics exhaust on, and I loved it. The sound, and performance was very comparable. I have not heard what their exhaust sounds like on the 2.0 FSI yet, but it should be really nice. They are claiming to get 10hp out of the new 2.5" system.
Another system I am looking at is Milltek's 2.75" exhaust. I have heard good things about their exhausts on Audi TT's, but I don't know how they perform on the 2.0 FSI. If you go on their website they have a cool video clip of their modified GTI taking off. It sounds really good and aggressive. I believe their modified GTI has a downpipe along with the exhaust though. One thing that is different between the Milltek system and the Techtonics system is the fact that Milltek is using a 2.75" instead of 2.5". I haven't figured out which is better yet.
Another company that makes a good exhaust for 4cyl motors is Autotech. I contacted them a couple of days ago to ask if they were going to have an exhaust system ready for the 2.0 FSI any time soon. They made a custom exhaust for their in house GTI, but I was told it would be to expensive to mass produce. I was told they will be coming out with a system soon, and it would run around $400.

Hope this gives you enough information to make a decision without boring you to death. I'd love to hear what you do and how it goes.
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I have the first Turbo Back Exhaust for the MKV made by sounds great, fit like a glove, and definitely increased the quickness of an already quick car...

If you want to hear the sound of it at about 85-90mph, go to the video section of this site and "GTI Fly By". Or you can hear it accelerating away in "GTI Take-Off".

How much and how difficult was it to put on?
APR has a full turbo-back kit for about 1300. they also have a cat back and a down-pipe available seperately for less. you can check them out at They are pretty good people. I live in Auburn right now, which is where they are HQ'ed and they have been really helpful to me in fixing up my MKV. They are a bit pricey, but believe me, it is worth it. If nothing else, the customer serrvice and warrenty that they offer you is a bargin. I talked about the things i am going to do in another forum, the "bolt on" forum. Let me know if y'all want any more info. the web site is pretty self explanatory though. -Mike
What is better to get the exhaust system or the down pipe and the cat. What will add more hp and tq
you will get more power if you do the full kit including the downpipe. It would expell the exhaust from the engine more efficiently and allow the engine to "breathe" better. It will also give you a better sound off of the turbo and diverter valve. how much more power, im not exactly sure. but, if you are trying to get the most performance, then include the downpipe by far.
the problem is i dont have enough money so should i wait or go with just the exhaust
i've decided to wait on the exhaust because money is an issue for me too. Regardless of the manufacturer, you are going to get absolute tops 20 extra horsepower, and between 900 and 1300 seems like an awful lot of $ for so little benifit. I am going to wait until i have enough saved up to do the whole kit and do it right. a cat back would be mostly for looks and "presence" and it seems to be a slight waste of money when you could wait a little longer and get the better kit. patience is indeed the hardest virtue to obtain (for me at least).
Just got done doing the APR Sport Turbo-Back install. Took only 2 hours and wasn't tough at all. The only snag we ran into was the front upper bolt on the downpipe flange. Well.... also didnt have the band clamps that were supposed to come with the system, so good ol' Home Depot special hit the spot, 3 for $6 :D The APR clamps and gasket are coming in soon, so when I swap them in, I might be able to take pictures and do a thorough write up on the install. However, I would like to know if ppl are interested in it. I would hate to go through it all and no one read it :'(

Overall, the system sounds great. I was looking for a STi / Evo sound with exhaust. Basically, a deep, throaty exhaust note with a high pitched whirling sound of a turbo in the background as you pull away. Still burning in the high flow cats, so the exhaust note is only getting deeper. I would say it's definitely worth the money. Oh yea, UPS lost the gasket and clamps. APR had nothing to do with it.
awesome im going to save up for the turbo back exhaust from apr it may be a while but in the long run its worth every penny
Hi there:
Has anyone upgraded a 2007 gti dsg with turbo back exhaust(2.5), ecu(15-18), cia,
would like to know horsepower gain and torque gain, also if a dyno sheet exists.
are there rumors that the automatic transmission cant hold up the stage 1 upgrade.
any info will be greatly appreciated.
The DSG hold up stage 1 upgrad ejust fine, chipped a bunch of them here and none came back :)
i should hopefully have the REVO chip installed in my car within the next 2 pay checks and hopefully will save for an exhaust after that :)
I have a 07 gti dsg, giac, miltek tbe, eip cai, i love the car and the drive.
I f your looking for an exhuast, miltek to me is the way to go. The quality is very high and sounds excellent. The price was $1500 and dont regret it all.
A.A. - do you live close to a Militek supplier? I'm not anywhere near one, so I'm curious how much shipping would be and how long it would take to get a militek system? Currently, I'm leaning towards the AWE setup....they seem to have a great history, too, and I like the fact that they have a 2.5" setup instead of a 3" (see their site for reasons why).
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