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Eip Short Shift & STS

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I am thinking about getting this for my car. I wanted to get the neuspeed ss but the eip sounds and has better reviews than neupseed. Does anyone have this on their car and can give me some tips.
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I was thinking of getting it as well. I called them up because I wanted to know the pros / cons of the Street version vs. the Comp version. The rep told me don't even bother with the street series, it isn't really noticeable at all. In fact he has a friend who got the street and the exchanged it for the comp version less than a week later... They also offer a 10% military disconut!!! Which works out great for me, I am sure there are some others on this forum as well.
very cool yea im gonna get the comp with the ss and sts its only 170
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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