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DVD NAV Bypass

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Is there any way 2 bypass the DVD security so that u can use the DVD player when its in gear instead of Neutral?

i havent gotten my GTI yet but i wanna find out.
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so im bout to get an aftermarket dvd/nav system since i wasnt feelin the VW one.

Has anyone got or know of the D3 to fit? im lookin at the Z2 as well but it aint out yet.
The DVD NAV does not play DVD's, however, it is the only system that I know of that allows you input new destinations and use all NAV functions while driving. It took only 2 weeks for me to come extremely close to rear-ending a car at a light because I was trying to find McDonalds in my NAV.(yes, I did find it) Now I know why most auto makers force you to put the car in park.
I think thats B.S ...once again the government is protecting us from ourselves - BULLSHIIT!!!

They force us to have insurance, if we go out on slam into a family of 6 ( i have 4 children ) believe me, were gonna pay for it. Death is a part of life, we dont live in a giant bubble by any stretch of the imagination, i think making americans use their brain is something the government needs to focus on instead of taking away all our rights and just profiting of us when we do make mistakes ( which is the real reason behind all the laws ) if they gave a crap they wouldnt be sending our children to fight/die in wars that are about money.

Wake up america.

BTW i just watched Fahrenheit 911 and im feeling a little pissed off right now LOL

Its also a boring sunday and im digging up the old threads to comment on lol...sorry folks, keep moving
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I'm wondering if anyone knows a way of being able to play DVDs in the NAV system. Is it a certain type of video file (ex. avi or whatever). Or Would I have to purchase an aftermarket system?
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