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DSG slow downshift

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I have had my new MkV GTI DSG for 3 weeks now and am generally happy with it except for one thing. Most times when I manually downshift from one gear to the next the shift takes about 1 sec which is much longer than the very fast upshifts. It's as if the gearbox is optimised for upshifts by preselecting the next highest gear and, when I tell it to downshift, it has to go to the shop, buy the required gear and fit it before changing down (OK, it's not that bad but 1 sec feels long when you are freewheeling into a corner and are waiting for the downshift to occur). This is most noticeable when downshifting from 4th to 3rd since I mostly drive around town in 4th. I have recorded the engine sound on my PPC and analysed the file with audio editing software and can confirm the 1 sec delay before the downshift is complete. Anybody else noticed this problem? Barry
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You should always doenshift when you are ready to accelerate. Downshifting to slow down is bad news. You are using an expensive engine and tranny to do the job that cheap brakes were designed to do. I am talking about normal driveing, not holding back on a grade.
The bad part is that the DSG will downshift automatically, even in the manual mode, if the speed calls for it. If you just happen to manually downshift at the same time that the processor decides to do it, you can get some really weird results like a double shift. Couple that with the fact that you have to look at the MFD to figure out what it is doing.

I like the DSG but, from a purists point of view, the manual is better suited for everything except straight line acceleration.
Progress will come when the DSG manual mode is actually...manual. Right now, it is semi-manual. Add that to the fact that you have to look at the dash to see what gear you are in. Don't get me wrong. I have a DSG and I love it. I just realize that it is not perfect and there are things that could be done to improve it. They could add a sensor to the shift knob to lock out the damn auto downshifting while your hand is on the knob.
dog4aday said:
I have 2 gripes about the DSG:
1. Down-shifting while braking hard causes the car to lurch because the RPM matching doesn't seem to take into account the fact that you're breaking. This makes the car seem unstable, especially if it happens while turning.
2. While accelerating from a stop in D-mode the car seems to think that I want to gun it if I depress the throttle just a little bit more than enough to get it going. The only way to get a smooth shift is to delicately press the throttle but the takeoff is painfully slow. Seems like the throttle response isn't optimized for around the town driving.
The throttle response is adaptive. Try standardizing your driving habits. I have zero problems with mine.
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