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Driver's Door Problem

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I had noticed that my driver's door doesnt register on the dash board computer you know that little red screen in the center of the gauges. It happens every now and then. I noticed it when I had my door open and it was night out my car lights dimmed and went off, like as if the door was closed. If you look at the the little red screen on the dash when the door is open it should show that the door is open on the little screen but it doesnt. If you unlock all the doors it should allow you to open the hatch too, but when the door is acting up it doesnt let you open the hatch I have to unlock it with the center button (hatch button)on the remote. When I open the passengers door it reads up on the little red screen its just my drivers door. :(

Well I was just wondering if anyone else had the same problem. If so what did you guys do or if you brought it in to the dealer what did they say.
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yeah it doesnt seem like a big problem. That why i said i was just wondering. I find these stupid little inperfections in everything I buy. I think im nerotic lol. How ever you spell that word.
oh it goes away its just that the little car that is on the display when you open the door its suppose to show the little car on the display with the door open, but it doesnt. There for i think that the switch that lets the car know the door is open is stuck or something like that.

You know on the older cars there is a little button that gets pushed in when you close the doors, well i cant seem to find where that is on my car i think it might be internal. Its usually somewhere in by the hinges of the door. I dont know, all I know is that im gonna have my dealer look at it.

Also I didnt really notice this problem until i left my door open and the interior lights turned off. I dont think most of the peolpe will notice this problem right away it prevents me from opening my hatch when i unlock all my doors, at that point I have to click the hatch button on the door or the remote.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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